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Pensions Planning

Including- Personal Pensions, Company Pension Schemes, Stakeholder Pensions schemes, Self- Administered Pension Schemes, Unlocking/Transferring Deferred Pension Benefits and Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs).

No existing arrangements

If you are an individual or company, regardless of size, considering a pension for the first time, K2 Financial Solutions Ltd can save you a lot of time and hassle, and advise you on the most suitable pension for your requirements, whether it be Stakeholder pensions, Personal Pension, Group Personal Pensions (GPP), Small Self Invested Pensions (SSIP), Executive Pension Plans (EPP) or Small Self- Administered Schemes (SSAS). If you decide to proceed we will manage the whole communication and implementation process to include presentations, one to one advice, and we will liaise with the pension provider for you.

Existing pension arrangements

With A-Day now passed individuals and companies should really be reviewing all their existing pension schemes whether they be Stakeholder pensions, Group Personal Pensions, Contracted Out Money Purchase Schemes (COMPS), Contracted In Money Purchase Schemes (CIMPS), Small Self Invested Pensions (SSIP), Executive Pension Plans (EPP) or Small Self- Administered Schemes (SSAS).

K2’s advisers will be able to review and advise you as to:

• Is the existing scheme the most suitable moving forwards?
• Is it run in the most cost efficient manner (chances are it probably isn’t)
• Can administration be improved (chances are it probably can)
• How you can protect your employee’s tax free cash sums
• Whether there is potential for the performance of the funds already built up to be bettered
• How best to provide advice to your employees in order that they fully understand the pension, how to target a specific retirement age and income level, match fund choice to risk profile and advice on any other pension schemes they may have from previous employment.