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About us

We provide advice and help following a personal / business financial review which can take place at a convenient time and place. Usually a review will start with a very broad discussion of your concerns and aspirations, before moving on to a thorough financial review.

Following your initial review which is free to you, we will take time to consider your situation, needs and priorities before providing you with a detailed financial report. We will discuss this face to face in a follow up meeting in which we'll fully explain our recommendations and agree affordable priorities to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Financial planning is often likened to a journey, and that means having a starting point and a destination, as well as potential stopping off points along the way.

The more thought that goes into the journey, the less stressful and more direct it will be.

We take personal financial planning reviews step by step.

Step 1 - we talk about your current circumstances and your plans for the future. We consider your aims and objectives and prioritise them as well as highlighting any threats to your financial security.

Step 2 - we find out as much as possible about your current situation including detail

Step 3 - we report back to you with explanations on how your current arrangements fit with your stated objectives.

Step 4 - we make recommendations for change if warranted.

Step 5 - any agreed changes are implemented and we move to an ongoing review service where appropriate.

Our fees will be fully disclosed in an open and transparent manner before agreeing any course of action. There are different options available to pay the fees and these will be fully explained to you at the outset and confirmed in a written agreement.